Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1 Month

I have been at my new full time job for a month now. Everything is going well. I am constantly learning new things. I am still training and that is fine with me because there is so much to know. Plus I have never worked with Insurance Policies, so just learning the lingo is work. I am still loving the days. My body is starting to get a little use to being up a lot earlier. I am usually up @ 5:30 AM most days...I do admit to sleep in a little bit from time to time. Who doesn't love the snooze button. I leave my house @ 6:30 AM. My hours are 7 AM til 3PM. I love the hours. I like having my nights to get things done. So overall ~ It has been a very busy, but rewarding month. I have been trying to get adjusted to everything. I think it has been going pretty well. I am still working part time @ The Scrapbook Store. I am there every Thursday night and some Fridays and Saturdays.
Here are some pictures of my new life in an office/cubicle setting...
I just wanted to Thank everyone for the well wishes, encouragement, and support. It has been a great first month so far...and as my aunt would say I am one month closer to retirement! ha ha :) gotta love her!