Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Nothing too exciting going on this week for myself. I have been working a lot of hours at the store because my boss hurt herself ~ so I am filling in for her. I went out friday night with some of the girls for my friend Katie's birthday. We just went to this bar in Cudahy (I know ~ rach and I out and not downtown....crazy...)

Saturday night a bunch of us went bowling. I have not been bowling in a long time. I use to bowl (when I was 9 years old) all the time; I was in a league...ha ha ha. I was excited to go bowling ~ it is nice to switch it up a bit and not do the same thing all the time. It felt as if it was a night in high school....a ton of old friends....hanging out.....having fun.....and bowling. I didn't bowl as well I usually do, so I was kinda bummed....

We had so much fun on saturday night that some of the girls and I went bowling again last night. The same place we went on saturday - has $1 bowling on tuesday nights. How great is that ~ something to do that is fun and different and actually cheap! I love it! I did much better last night I got a 121 for my second game!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Keeps Going...going...going...going....going...going...

So I know I have not posted for a long time, but it has been a crazy couple weeks. I checked and the last time I posted was on December 20, 2007. That is when all the craziness began...I graduated on that night, the 21st I attended an ugly sweater christmas party, the 22nd rach and I went out to celebrate our graduations (nothing too exciting just a few drinks downtown) the 23rd stephanie came into town, then or course christmas eve and christmas day, the 26th stephanie's family and my family went to dinner together at saz's (our fav) the 27th stephanie had her make n take @ the scrapbook store and then we scrapbooked til 3 in the morning, the 28th I went to wind lake to see Bret Michaels from Poison!!! Awesome!!! Stephanie left the morning of the 29th and I left in the afternoon to go to Green Bay. On the 30th was my 1st ever packer game!!! I will never forget it. The 31st we came home from green bay and had our family steak dinner which we do every new years eve and then I went out that night. So as you all can read I have been extremely busy....and now I have been trying to also find a "real" job....

But as always I love to share photos of what I have been doing so here you go...

My parents and myself after graduation

My cousin and I looking ulglier than ever, but very christmasy

Taking a "congratulations on graduating" shot with Luke

Christmas Eve with my new coat

Avery on Christmas Day

Now one of my favorite days ~ Bret Michaels Concert

Me, Stacey, Casey, Arlene, and Tasha ~ and our backstage passes!!!

Bret Michaels Drummer and Me!
Another Fabulous day was the Packer Game
1st touchdown of the game by Ryan Grant (who was @ the bar we were at after the game)

The stands were packed...over 70,000 people

Happy New Years!!!
Rachel, Katie, Me, and Rachel
One of my new favorite pics of Aaron and I
Seit and I ringing in the New Year!