Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So, as I said in my previous post...I went to see the new harry potter movie twice on the day it opened. I must say that I absolutely LOVED it. I can not wait until it comes out on dvd. My brother said it will probably come out on dvd around my birthday...which makes me even happier!!! I know it is always hard to make a movie as good as the book is, but I think they did a good job. They obviously can't put every little thing in the movie, but I do think they covered most of it. I would say that I will probably go see it again before it is not playing in the theaters anymore. I am also getting excited because the final book comes out this friday night @ midnight. VERY EXCITING!!! So now all I have to do is finish reading the 6th book. I better get going to read in the hammock...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

OMG....I am so EXCITED! I am going to see the new harry potter movie today. I am not only seeing it once today, but I am seeing it twice today. I am going to leave my house in about 45 minutes.....the next showing is @ 7pm. I can't believe this day is finally here. All four of the first movies were so AWESOME! So I hope this one lives up to the others. I can hardly stand good! I will give my views on the movie after I see it. I know my lil stephanie probably thinks I am a crazy girl for going twice in one day, but I just can't help it and I going with different people. I have to go get ready now! SO EXCITED!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

My very 1st post

So here is my very first post. I must say, I am only doing this because my wonderful stephanie asked me too. Otherwise, I probably would never have a blog.

I went to summerfest on friday evening with a bunch of friends. I had a good time for the most part...there are always tons of people and they are all pushing around. I still go every year because I LOVE all the music and they always have good food. I saw a ton of old friends; that I have not seen in that is always nice.

Saturday I scrapbooked with some friends @ the store. I only got 5 pages I wasn't as productive as I would have like to been, but I have to say it is more than I would have gotten done if I was at home.