Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving and Birthday weekend!

I LOVE Thanksgiving weekend....everyone is all together and it is also my Birthday! I had a really wonderful weekend.

It all started on Wednesday night...we went to Johnny Mo's to meet up with some old friends.

Rach and I had are HUGE bags with us and Trevor could not get over it ~ so he wanted a picture with them.

Thursday ~ We have Thanksgiving @ my house. It was a very nice day....Packers played and won...took a nap....good food....watched Grey's. Jim and I celebrate our birthdays on thanksgiving with the family because our birthdays are 2 days apart.

I always have a dairy queen ice cream cake for my birthday ~ this year I got a lion king one because it was the only one that was fall colors. I went out thanksgiving night for a little bit because I don't get see everyone that often and since they are all home for the holiday ~ I wanted to see them as much as I can.

On Saturday we had our 3rd annual Bar crawl for my birthday ~ we all had a blast!!!

So overall ~ I had a FABULOUS birthday and weekend!!! Thanks to all of you who helped me celebrate. I am very thankful for my wonderful family and my fantastic friends!!!! Thanks so much...

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Anonymous said...

you and jim look fab with your matching fall's almost as if you planned :)

love you!