Monday, February 16, 2009

My Rock Star!

On February 1st was Avery's 3rd Birthday. We had brunch and a little party at Dan & Adrea's house. Everything was great ~ the food was fantastic and Avery got a bunch of great gifts. Her favorite gift by far was from her grandma and grandpa (Auntie Jill and Uncle Mike) She got a Hannah Montana guitar and microphone. She loves to sing, so it really was the perfect gift. Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are her usual choices. She performed for us and it was fantastic! She is my little Rock Star! 


Wendy Lee said...

super cute! Annalise would LOVE that too!! :)

Beth said...

Cute little actress! Glad to see your post!!

Jenna said...

I LOVE that she is wearing knee pads to sing! You never know... you might slip!