Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6 wonderful years of A!

Today is my lovely little Avery's 6th Birthday!

Here is a picture of her & I on the day she was born! She was such a little peanut.
Continue to scroll through to see a look at how Avery has grown in the last 6 years!

We actually have a picture of Tim & Avery ~ being silly

Happy First Birthday to Avery! Lookin' good in her shades :)

Happy 2nd Birthday to Avery! She was very into puzzles at this age.

Happy 3rd Birthday my little princess!

Her First day of school...tear. She is getting so big.

Happy 4th Birthday Avery Ellyn!

Happy Valentine's day from Avery!

Playing in the Park ~ A favorite past time

Happy 5th Birthday! Getting even taller.

This past summer playing in her soccer tournament! She did so well! She is growing into a wonderful young girl!

Happy 6th Birthday my sweet Avery! I love you to pieces and have so many wonderful memories with you from the past 6 years. xoxo Auntie Morgan


AnnaMarie said...

She has always been so beautiful! What a lucky aunt you are. It makes me feel super old that Avery's already 6!

Proud Mumma said...

Yep, I'm crying....shocking, I know.