Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Martini Madness

Last night Betsy called and asked if I want to go get some martini's.....who am I to deny Betsy. So of course we went along with some other friends. (the newlyweds, maggie, michelle, and matt) We went to this new bar called City Lounge.
I had heard good things about it and they have $5 martini's on monday nights.....what a deal! How could you pass that up? They had a pretty good selection of martinis to pick from. Michelle and Maggie had a chocolate covered banana one. Betsy decided on cookies and cream. Katie had an almond joy and tropical paradise. I'm not big on the chocolate flavored ones.....too much sweet for me. I had a carmel apple, tropical sunset, and a laffy taffy (I had to have that one b/c I liked the name) The carmel apple was the best one. One of my favorite kinds is the flirtini ~ it has chambord and champagne in it....so delicious!!! They didn't have flirtinis so I got to try some other kinds instead. Overall, it was a nice monday night...when I wasn't planning to do anything.
Just a few random pics from the night
Look @ the cute engaged couple (Michelle and Matt)
a nice pic of the girls (michelle had already left)
Now being silly...


Beth said...

You are too cute. The only person I know who cango on for one very lengthy paragraph about martinis! I think it's great! I think I must be very old!!

Morgan said...

I can't help it...I have never been very good @ writing in my journal so this works pretty well. I just write about whatever I did or am thinking. Thanks for checking it out.