Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Funny Story

So I once knew this girl, who has always been a little clumsy. This past Saturday night was nothing different. She was out at a bar with two of her friends. They had not had been out very long at all, but decided to go to a different bar. So they headed down the stairs to leave the bar....when out of nowhere, this girl slipped on the stairs and proceeded to fall down them. (swearing the whole way down them) She didn't want anymore attention to be brought to her so she quickly got up and got out of the bar. As soon as they got on the sidewalk she checked her arm because it really hurt....and a huge bump popped up out of nowhere.

This picture looks like an elbow, but it is a bump on the arm.

So now to tell you who the girl is.....

This ended up being the least of my fall.....I bruised my butt really bad. It is serious dark purple....it is as dark as a glass of red wine. It is huge too....it hurts to sit. I am in a lot of pain. The past few days have been awful. My back started hurting too and i was uncomfortable sitting and laying. Like I always say....I bruise like a peach....

So that is the story from the weekend...that is how I entertain Rach for her birthday!

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Adrea said...

Um....did you go to the doctor for that arm-thing? Normally, you should only have ONE elbow per arm...You better heal in time for Mexico, baby!