Sunday, October 28, 2007

world traveler...back home...

So I know I have not written in a very long time. I have been out of town for about 2 weeks now.

First I went up north with the Jones girls to celebrate Betsy's birthday. We just went up for the weekend. We hung out, hiked, had a campfire, ate a lot of food, went on a haunted hayride (not my idea) and closed out the nimrod. It was a very nice weekend.
Then I left for Cancun on Tuesday morning at 5am. My cousin got married in cancun, so we were all going to see her...almost my whole family came. We had about 45 people altogether (family and friends) I think that is absolutely amazing for a destination wedding. I had so much fun! The weather was beautiful and the wedding was gorgeous!!! I thought they all looked fabulous!!!!
Playing in the pool

Me in the Ocean

The groom and groomsmen waiting for the bride
and the father of the bride with the beautiful bride Katie

Congratulations Katie and Jim!
So Beautiful.... :)

My Cousin Katie and Me
I LOVE the Ocean....

We went to Playa del Carmen for a half a day...because I wanted to go to Senor Frogs and my mom and aunts wanted to go shopping. All I really did was drink....
We went to a bar that had swings instead of bar stools...
(thank god I didn't fall off)
Then I got a BIG Ol' MOJITO....yummy
Afterwards, I finally got to go to Senor Frogs...where I got 2 baby yards of a frogbuster. I have no idea what was in it, but it was so good.... :)
Beer in Mexico....
The last night in Riviera Maya....adios....
We got home early wednesday morning because we got stuck in atlanta....and then I left right away on wednesday to go to Texas to visit my dear friend Stephanie. Since this blog is extremely long and I am exhausted since I finally got home today. I am going to leave the address to Stephanie's blog because she wrote about our weekend. She also included hopefully that gets you all up to date and I hope you enjoy the pics!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!!

Happy Birthday!! XOXOXO

I love your top! CUTE!
6th Picture that Coral with you????

Can't wait for the 27th! Hope to see you before that! Love you! XOXO~Wendy