Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Nothing too exciting going on this week for myself. I have been working a lot of hours at the store because my boss hurt herself ~ so I am filling in for her. I went out friday night with some of the girls for my friend Katie's birthday. We just went to this bar in Cudahy (I know ~ rach and I out and not downtown....crazy...)

Saturday night a bunch of us went bowling. I have not been bowling in a long time. I use to bowl (when I was 9 years old) all the time; I was in a league...ha ha ha. I was excited to go bowling ~ it is nice to switch it up a bit and not do the same thing all the time. It felt as if it was a night in high school....a ton of old friends....hanging out.....having fun.....and bowling. I didn't bowl as well I usually do, so I was kinda bummed....

We had so much fun on saturday night that some of the girls and I went bowling again last night. The same place we went on saturday - has $1 bowling on tuesday nights. How great is that ~ something to do that is fun and different and actually cheap! I love it! I did much better last night I got a 121 for my second game!

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Elizabeth said...

Hey, my future nanny! I love your page. You have so many great pictures and so many friends :) I love to see and hear about the fun you are having!