Thursday, November 17, 2011

Babies, Babies, Babies...

I feel so blessed to have so many babies in my life. I am not a mother, but I am an Auntie to many wonderful babies!!!

This year has been spectacular...I welcomed three beautiful babies from August until now.

My little Owen James born in August. He is the first born to my cousin Katie & Jim.

My sweet little Evan Miron born in November. He is the beautiful third born of my cousin Dan & Adrea.
Look at this gorgeous picture of Evan from Amy Hall. She does a wonderful job!
My adorable little peanut Ava Rose born in November. She is the first born of my friends Matt & Nicole. She is so precious!
She was so cute & just staring at me while I was talking. I couldn't get enough of her!
I just love all these babies! They make me so happy!

Besides my three new babies this year, I know of 7 wonderful ladies due this coming year. I just found out that one of the ladies is having twins! Yes, that's right I said TWINS! I'm so thrilled for her & her husband. Babies are such a blessing and I truly enjoy them!


AnnaMarie said...

Stop it! You're freaking me out with all these baby pictures! I'm going to have TWO of those things at one time! But that is a lot of babies in your life. :)

Katie Chapman said...

oh my gosh, Owen and Evan look a lot alike, at least Owen's new born pic does. look at all that hair he had, he's lost so much of it now. What a sweet post, love all the pics!

Elizabeth said...

I know WAY too many people having babies!! I am feeling left out. Haha.