Friday, November 11, 2011

A lot to celebrate today...

I think it is so cool that today is 11.11.11. I'm going to take a picture of what I am doing at 11:11:11...which surprise surprise looking at the clock now, I will still be in my CPM machine due to my ACL surgery. That's ok though because as I mentioned before...lots to celebrate today.

For starters it is Veterans Day...I found this really nice photo on google.My grandpa served in The United States Navy. I know my cousin Katie and I, along with our entire family, couldn't be prouder of my grandpa. We are all so thankful for everything he has done & cherish all those who like my grandpa have been a part of the military. Thank you all for your service & dedication.Today I have two different birthdays to celebrate. My sweet little niece, Molly is 3 today! She has grown up so much this past year. This first picture is from February 14th! I love to spend time with the girls on Valentines Day! This year we made cookies. Molly loves to eat...sometimes I find it so funny because it reminds me of my grandma and how she would always say, "You gotta eat!" Molly has definitely got that down. Below she is eating a piece of candy while meeting baby Owen in August.In September, we went to watch Avery play Soccer. Molly was so good throughout the whole game. She of course ran around a little bit because she has so much energy, but I was able to capture this photo which is rare. She doesn't usually sit still. Molly started to take gymnastics this year! Dan & Adrea thought it would be something fun for her to do...since Avery has school and mommy is having another baby. This would be something just for Molly! :) She loves it! She is so energetic & has no fear so it is perfect for her. I hope she continues to like it because I would love to see her grow into a gymnast. The second birthday today is...Maddie or Lynnie. She is the big 1-0 today! I can't believe she is 10 years old already. I met her when she was 3 (Molly's age) She is one of the sweetest little girls I know. I love her so much! Go over to Stephanie's Blog to check out more on Maddie turning 10! Happy Birthday Lynnie!

Lastly, today is the day the last Harry Potter movie comes out on DVD! I am so excited!!! I can't wait to get it and watch it!!! What a great Friday!!! I hoping for a dinner & movie kind of night!
Happy 11.11.11 everyone!

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Katie said...

what a great idea, i should go buy the movie today too!! see you tomorrow!