Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Winter Wonderland in Wisconsin

I have lived my whole life in I have had my share of snow days and such. The snow started yesturday at 4pm and continued today until 9pm. We got over 15 inches....totally crazy! My work was closed today, so thankfully I didn't have to go in. My mom took my step-dad's truck to work because he has 4-wheel drive. She took my aunt and a couple friends, who live around us, to work. They worked only til about 1pm and then stopped to get some lunch on their way home. They called my step-dad and I ~ so we decided to take a lil adventure and meet them. (I was glad I didn't have to drive...I probably would not have gone if it was just me.) The roads were so crappy and the visiblity was awful. We made it there and back safely. Tonight we of course had to snow-blow and shovel....definitely not one of my favorite things, but it has to be done. So I took some pictures today, one from our front door of the plow (he got stuck for a lil bit) I also took a couple while we were driving. Tonight I took a few ~ the back of our house myself in the snow to show how much we got...I wasn't even all the way to the bottom either ~ which boggles my mind. (oh and yes the 5th photo down is a mini van covered with snow) So much snow!

I hope you enjoy these Stephanie ~ I am sure you are loving that you are not in it.


Stephanie said...

Holy Crap!!! I"m so glad to see some photos of this crazy storm I have been hearing all about. I can just feel the cold as I look at them. That is just INSANE!!! Stay warm and please please please drive safely. Thanks for sharing! I know you posted them just for me! You rock!!!!

jessicaj said...

I wish I would have taken some pictures of the snow but hey its snowing again today so maybe this is my chance. After working with you on Sunday now I think I might make an album like yours. Thanks for the inperation!